In times of new business models and technologies, as well as other changes which are yet to come, perhaps it is more important than ever how we motivate and lead teams. Currently there are many individual internal and external coaches. What is missing is a systemic approach to coaching which combines excellence in individual, team, inter-team and organizational coaching. This approach demands not only new tools and techniques, but an ability to think and act in a systemic way.

Dr Peter Hawkins is a leadership guru and a ground breaking contributor to the field of team coaching. As a global leader in the area of team coaching, Peter has worked with some of the world’s top companies in Europe, East Africa, America and Asia. For the first time in this region we have had an opportunity to find out about the trade secrets of team coaching from a global authority on the topic.

Dr Peter Hawkins is the author of a leading methodology behind team coaching – Five disciplines of highly effective teams. The methodology has several features:

  • A systemic approach covering five disciplines: 1) what the team is required to deliver by its stakeholders; 2) what the team does to meet those expectations; 3) the interpersonal and leadership dynamics; 4) how the team connects with those it serves; 5) how the team grows and develops to meet future challenges.
  • Decades of effectiveness evidence in research and consultancy
  • Accompanying diagnostic tools (360 Team Connect).


Download a case study describing how this team coaching methodology was applied as part of organizational transformation at Finnair:

For the atmosphere during the workshop, check the images: